The French Startup Springboard: Key Accelerators and Incubators

Incubators and accelerators play pivotal roles in catalyzing innovation and fostering growth, providing crucial support and resources that enable visionary ideas to evolve into successful ventures. France boasts a vibrant ecosystem of over 100 startup incubators and accelerators, each contributing uniquely to shaping the future across various industries.

Top startup Accelerators and startup incubators in France

    1. Hello Tomorrow

      • Location - Paris, Ile-de-France, France
      • Establishment year - 2011
      • Partners/Founders - Arnaud de la Tour
    2. Hello Tomorrow's Startup Program targets startups working on sustainable materials and circularity, offering a 3-month hybrid program with €3000 in equity-free funding. The program includes workshops, mentoring, and industry exposure. It supports projects related to nanotechnology, novel polymers, ceramics, tissue engineering, biomaterials, and metallurgy. The program provides tailored support, matchmaking with industry corporates, funding opportunities, masterclasses, and workshops.
    1. Kamet Ventures

      • Location - Paris, Ile-de-France, France
      • Establishment year - 2016
      • Partners/Founders - Stephane Guinet, Nicolas Bosc, Michael Niddam
    2. Kamet is dedicated to creating breakthrough companies that will redefine the sectors of InsurTech, HealthTech, and Mobility. Kamet provides a unique framework for ideation and experimentation, supporting the development and launch of new businesses by offering extensive operational support and privileged access to a network of market-leading advisers and experts.
    1. HUB612

      • Location - Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France
      • Establishment year - 2016
      • Partners/Founders - Cédric Nieutin, Maud Charaf
    2. HUB612 is a VC accelerator supporting Fintech, Insurtech, and B2B Services startups in the seed stage. HUB612 promotes ambitious projects that innovate by pushing technological boundaries, particularly in AI and Blockchain solutions. The accelerator offers a one-year program with two cycles: five months of intensive focus on strengthening fundamentals and five months of co-construction to ensure scalability. This program is aimed at B2B startups with high potential (turnover equal to or greater than €50,000) that are developing a technological product and wish to scale up.
    1. High Flyers Capital

      • Location - Paris, Ile-de-France, France
      • Establishment year - 2019
      • Partners/Founders - Jérôme Rayet, Alain Bailly
    2. High Flyers Capital invests in companies offering innovative products or services with strong growth prospects. The firm focuses on the food and beverage sectors, aligning with trends in eating behavior changes, and prefers models with a strong B2B or B2B2C component. High Flyers Capital seeks individuals capable of embodying innovation, work, and success values above the standards. The firm provides operational support and commercial opportunities through its network of partners and investors.
    1. SpaceFounders

      • Location - Belin, Aquitaine, France
      • Establishment year - 2021
      • Partners/Founders - Lucie Campagnolo (CEO)
    2. SpaceFounders accelerates European space tech startups from Seed to Series A through a 3-month program focused on growth and fundraising strategies. Running two batches annually in spring and fall, it supports startups across the space tech spectrum with an intensive, hybrid, and comprehensive approach. Participants benefit from over 50 hours of mentoring, more than 40 hours of workshops, and access to 100+ expert mentors. The program also includes three bootcamps in major space locations, offering critical feedback on technical and development aspects. The primary focus is to enhance participants' growth and fundraising strategies.
    1. MD Start

      • Location - Paris, Ile-de-France, France
      • Establishment year - 2009
      • Partners/Founders - Gerard Hascoet, Anne Osdoit, Tim Lenihan, Cécile Dupont
    2. MD Start's mission is to incubate medical device innovations to attract later-stage investors. MD Start evaluates ideas from all over Europe and beyond, focusing on projects too early for large corporate or venture investors. The team has expertise in company and project management, product development, IP coverage, regulatory certification, and clinical validation. They aim to prove technology validity efficiently and cost-effectively.
    1. Alacrité France

      • Location - Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
      • Establishment year - 2017
      • Partners/Founders - Emmanuel Hebrard
    2. Alacrité is a start-up generator focused on creating innovative start-ups in digital and telecommunications. They identify market needs, support budding entrepreneurs, and provide a supportive environment for start-up creation. Alacrité selects and assembles necessary elements like market needs, entrepreneurial desire, investor support, and business expertise to create quality innovative companies.

      • Location - Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France
      • Establishment year - 2015
      • Partners/Founders - NA
    2. The BigBooster program targets global startups across various stages and industries, dividing them into early-stage and market-ready cohorts. Early-stage startups develop internationalization roadmaps, while market-ready startups commence market exploration. Both cohorts participate in BoosterCamp, engaging with mentors and experts, and are evaluated by a final jury to select winners, with market-ready winners advancing to the GoGlobal phase. In BoosterCamp, startups enhance their global mindset, pitch, network, and visibility through workshops, mentoring, and conferences. The GoGlobal phase offers deep dives into local innovation ecosystems, 1:1 mentoring, and access to key decision-makers in Europe and North America.
    1. FAMM

      • Location - Paris, Ile-de-France, France
      • Establishment year - 2015
      • Partners/Founders - Didier Rousseau
    2. FAMM, a startup and scaleup accelerator, fosters growth through investment and business support. By designing strategies and business models, FAMM aids the expansion of startups and scaleups committed to positive impact. Their holistic and inclusive approach spans key areas such as green growth (including AgriTech), Wise City initiatives, and Blue Growth, leveraging the power of ecosystems. FAMM emphasizes the transformative potential of data science and technology as crucial drivers of innovation and disruption.
    1. Inovexus

      • Location - Paris, Ile-de-France, France
      • Establishment year - 2018
      • Partners/Founders - Christophe Louvion, Philippe Roche, Stanislas De Villelongue
    2. Inovexus Acceleration Program offers an exclusive 6-month program for selected European early-stage tech companies. This program supports early-stage tech companies with global ambitions through acceleration and investment. The next cohort starts on July 8th, featuring a tailored acceleration program for pre-seed and seed tech companies. Beyond the acceleration, Inovexus invests in the most promising tech startups. The program aims to empower early-stage startups by boosting their capacity to prepare and organize their complete early-stage funding. Delivered by global smart-money investors-mentors, the program shares experience and knowledge, providing unique exposure and a global mindset. The program is risk-free, with the majority of costs payable only after fundraising.
    1. Creative Valley

      • Location - Le Kremlin-bicêtre, Ile-de-France, France
      • Establishment year - 2012
      • Partners/Founders - Yann Gozlan, Claude Gozlan
    2. Creative Valley accelerates startups with comprehensive support through meticulously designed programs, fostering collaborative exchanges among project teams. They guide companies from initial ideas to stock market listing, symbolizing growth from seed to tree. Specializing in areas like deep tech, AI, and robotics, Creative Valley drives innovation with tailored support across various domains. Their focus is on fostering success in diverse fields by ensuring startups receive necessary guidance and resources. Programs like Autonom Innov' target startups in autonomy, the silver economy, longevity, or disability, providing structured support for those with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or successful pilot projects. This program connects startups with resources, expertise, and networks, ensuring impactful growth and success.
    1. Hook

      • Location - Paris, Ile-de-France, France
      • Establishment year - 2020
      • Partners/Founders - Kevin Primicerio, Sydney Cohen, Maxime Arnulf
    2. Hook is designed to support founders during the challenging startup phase, investing €50k in ten startups twice a year. The program is structured around weekly gatherings with successful entrepreneurs, quality mentoring during office hours, and a Demo Day where startups present to investors and journalists. Hook targets early-stage entrepreneurs ready to commit full-time and compete globally, offering two paths: The Co-founder Boat for those without a fully formed team or idea, and The Hook Batch for established teams. Both paths culminate in significant investment and acceleration, providing a robust foundation for startup success.

    Incubators and Accelerators hosted by SATT

    Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies (SATTs) bridge the gap between academic research and commercialization.

    1. Pulsalys

      • Location - Villeurbanne, Rhone-Alpes, France
      • Establishment year - 2013
      • Partners/Founders - Sophie Jullian, Valérie Sauvant-Moynot
    2. Pulsalys incubates and accelerates deeptech innovations in Lyon and Saint-Etienne, transforming scientific discoveries into economic opportunities. Pulsalys supports entrepreneurs from early project stages with individual coaching, financial assistance, and human capital development. They focus on biotech, medtech, quantum, digital, nano and microelectronics, energy, environment, chemistry, and new materials.
    1. Linksium

      • Location - Grenoble, Rhone-Alpes, France
      • Establishment year - 2014
      • Partners/Founders - François Hédé (CEO)
    2. Linksium, as an incubator, specializes in helping deep tech entrepreneurs launch their startups. They support entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, including industry, academia, and first-time or serial entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional incubators, Linksium offers early-stage support, individual coaching, group training, and financial assistance without personal guarantees. They build startup teams by recruiting founder partners and adding marketing strategies to techno-push projects. By sharing business creation risks, Linksium becomes a co-founder for entrepreneurs. All their startups involve technology transfers from public research across diverse fields like Biotech, Medtech, Quantum, Digital, and more.

    Corporate-Led Accelerators / incubators

    1. Bpifrance Digital Venture

      • Location - Paris, Ile-de-France, France
      • Establishment year - 2011
      • Partners/Founders - Véronique Jacq
    2. Bpifrance Digital Venture offers the Accelerator, an intensive program lasting between 12 and 24 months. This program combines tailored individual advice, collective training, and networking opportunities for around thirty entrepreneurs per promotion. The objective is to deeply structure companies to reveal their potential. The method includes individual advice, collective training, and qualified networking. During the program, entrepreneurs can refine their strategy, join a collective with common ambitions, and identify new growth levers. Accelerated companies typically see a 10-point revenue growth compared to non-accelerated companies.
    1. Doliam

      • Location - Maisons-laffitte, Ile-de-France, France
      • Establishment year - 1991
      • Partners/Founders - NA
    2. Doliam's MedTech Industrial Campus accelerates the commercialization of medical devices by providing a prototype development and production environment. They support start-ups at different maturity stages, offering tailored services for development and industrialization. The campus targets start-ups producing MEMS, active medical devices, and companies looking to functionalize passive devices with microelectronics.
    1. OVH Cloud For Startups

      • Location - Roubaix, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
      • Establishment year - 2015
      • Partners/Founders - NA
    2. The OVHcloud Startup Program provides startups and scaleups with free cloud credits and technical support to accelerate their journey. Selected pre-seed and seed startups receive 12 months of free access to build on OVHcloud, with €10,000 in free credits and technical consultation. The program offers personalized mentoring, visibility on social media, access to funding, and content to solve cloud and business challenges. The Fast Forward Accelerator builds on your accompanied journey* onto OVHcloud which is provided by the Startup Program with the addition of business acceleration support. This includes dedicated access to market and funding events, visibility on social media, 1-on-1 mentoring, and access to our Content Hub.
    1. Via ID - Mobivia

      • Location - Marquette Lez Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
      • Establishment year - 2010
      • Partners/Founders - David Schwarz
    2. Via ID - Mobivia accelerates new businesses and supports entrepreneurs in developing innovative solutions for sustainable mobility and autotech. Backed by Mobivia, Via ID offers long-term support, helping startups become leaders in their fields. Their programs focus on business development, financing, and refining business models, with two acceleration programs recognized at the European level. The Moove Lab supports startups twice a year, offering accommodation at Station F and access to campus resources. By providing tailored support, business opportunities, and visibility, Via ID ensures that startups receive the expertise and connections needed to thrive in the evolving mobility industry.
    1. OFF7 Accélérateur Ouest-France

      • Location - Rennes, Bretagne, France
      • Establishment year - 2016
      • Partners/Founders - NA
    2. OFF7 Accélérateur Ouest-France provides an 8-month acceleration program within a dynamic startup ecosystem and a large media group. Aiming to reduce the go-to-market time and help startups find their product-market fit, OFF7 offers fields for experimentation and creative collaboration with Ouest-France and its entities. The program includes access to markets, audiences, and connections, supported by a large pool of experts across various fields. Transparency and co-construction are key philosophies, ensuring a win-win partnership between startups and the Ouest-France Group. Located in inspiring premises in Rennes and Nantes, OFF7 fosters innovation and collaboration, driving startups towards their goals with comprehensive support and high-value services.

  • In conclusion, These incubators and accelerators in France represent a diverse ecosystem dedicated to fostering innovation across various sectors. Whether through sector-specific expertise, internationalization programs, or corporate partnerships, these institutions provide essential support for startups at every stage of their journey. By leveraging these resources, entrepreneurs can navigate challenges more effectively and accelerate their path to sustainable growth and success in the global market.

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