Top 10 Early Stage Renewable Energy Startups in the Netherlands

Driven by ambitious national goals of achieving 100% sustainable electricity by 2050, the Dutch energy landscape is undergoing a dynamic transformation. This transformation is fueled by a thriving ecosystem of innovative green startups, playing a crucial role in overcoming challenges and shaping a cleaner tomorrow.

Innovating Solutions for Renewable Energy Storage

One of the biggest hurdles in transitioning to renewable energy lies in its intermittency – the sun doesn't always shine, and the wind doesn't always blow. To address this, a surge of Dutch startups is developing cutting-edge battery technologies and large-scale energy storage systems. These advancements act as a buffer, smoothing out fluctuations in renewable energy generation, ensuring a more reliable and consistent power supply.

Hydrogen Powerhouse: Pioneering Green Hydrogen Solutions

The Netherlands is emerging as a leader in the field of green hydrogen, a clean-burning fuel with the potential to revolutionize various sectors. Dutch startups are at the forefront of developing innovative green hydrogen production and storage solutions, aiming to make this eco-friendly fuel a viable alternative for transportation, heating, and industrial processes. The cornerstone of a genuinely sustainable energy infrastructure hinges on smart grids and intelligent energy management. Dutch startups are innovating advanced software and hardware solutions to enhance energy distribution throughout the grid, including initiatives like Smart Grid Optimization and Energy Efficiency Booster.

Exploring the Emerging Investment Landscape of Green Startups in Netherlands / Holland

Fueled by the country's strong commitment to sustainability and the promising potential of green tech, investments in renewable energy startups in the Netherlands have surpassed $1 billion USD since 2020 (Source: Zefyron Startup Database). This momentum continues with over $800 million USD already secured in the first few months of 2024. Notably, while early-stage investments (seed and pre-seed) reached a peak in 2020, they have shown some fluctuation in recent years.

Investment Trends in Early-Stage Dutch Renewable Energy Startups
Investment Trends in Early-Stage Dutch Renewable Energy Startups
Source : Zefyron Startup Database

Leading Innovators in Dutch Renewable Energy Sector :

Here, we'll delve into some of the most promising renewable energy startups in the NL, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable energy through these inspiring companies:

    1. 1. Healix Clean Tech - Disrupting plastic pollution leading to circular charge

      • Origin - Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands
      • Founders - Marcel Alberts
      • Establishment year - 2021
      • Total Funding(in USD) - $ 11.7M
      • Investor/s - Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Tama, Active Capital Company, ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, FibrXL
    2. Healix is a company determined to tackle the global plastic pollution crisis threatening marine life and ecosystems. Their approach is to create a circular future for plastic waste specifically generated by agriculture and fishing industries. The company boasts a First-Of-A-Kind (FOAK) recycling line with a significant capacity of 6,000 tons. This innovative system can recycle ropes and nets that were previously unrecyclable and destined for landfills or incineration. Healix utilizes advanced purification technology to transform used ropes and nets into certified circular plastic that can be reintegrated into the global manufacturing supply chain. Healix's technology offers a sustainable solution for plastic waste management.
    1. 2. RIFT - Frontrunner in the clean fuel revolution.

      • Origin - Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands
      • Founders - Mark Verhagen, Lex Scheepers
      • Establishment year - 2020
      • Total Funding(in USD) - $ 2M
      • Investor/s - Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Rubio Impact Ventures, BOM, Energie transitie fonds Rotterdam
    2. RIFT is dedicated to transforming industrial heat production. Their mission is to reduce carbon footprints and promote sustainability within heat-intensive industries. They have developed Iron Fuel Technology, a revolutionary solution that delivers CO₂-free energy with a wide range of applications. This technology utilizes iron powder to provide a reliable and fully renewable heat supply throughout the year. The process functions through a circular system of rusting and un-rusting iron, enabling sustainable energy production and marking a significant step towards a cleaner and greener future.
    1. 3. AMMP Technologies - Efficient, Distributed Renewable Energy Management solution.

      • Origin - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
      • Founders - Hendrik Broering, Svet Bajlekov
      • Establishment year - 2018
      • Total Funding(in USD) - $1.4M
      • Investor/s - Rockstart, Musha Ventures, Raba Partnership, Point Nine, Agile Accelerator
    2. AMMP streamlines the management of distributed energy through a consolidated API within their SaaS platform. Their central data hub provides real-time insights to empower various users, including consumers, service providers, software developers, and vendors. Leveraging extensive experience in handling intricate energy systems, AMMP ensures dependable reporting, billing, optimization, and remote monitoring, all integrated into a single platform. Through unified dashboards, users gain comprehensive visibility across different vendors and technologies. Additionally, clients have access to personalized dashboards, seamlessly integrating AMMP into their existing workflows.
    1. 4. hello energy - Net-Zero Real Estate driving sustainability.

      • Origin - Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
      • Founders - Benno Schwarz, Kees van Alphen
      • Establishment year - 2016
      • Total Funding(in USD) - $1M
      • Investor/s - Enfuro Ventures
    2. Hello Energy, a leading SaaS solution in sustainability, empowers real estate companies to achieve net-zero goals. Their software offers in-depth sustainability data, fosters an engaged community around energy and carbon savings, and positions owners as leaders in the field. This comprehensive approach tackles environmental responsibility through meticulous data collection, collaborative platforms for knowledge sharing, and initiatives that drive positive behavior changes, ultimately leading to energy-positive buildings.
    1. 5. Thermeleon- Sustainable Heat Storage and Efficient GreenHouse Solution.

      • Origin - Delft, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
      • Founders - Jildou de Jong, Liesanne Wieleman
      • Establishment year - 2012
      • Total Funding(in USD) - $123.5K
      • Investor/s - MassVentures, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, StartLife
    2. Designed to enhance greenhouse efficiency, the Thermeleon Heat Battery offers a sustainable solution for temperature control. This innovative product captures excess heat during the day and releases it strategically at night, significantly reducing overall energy demand. The Thermeleon Heat Battery seamlessly integrates into both existing and new greenhouses, requiring only a one-time installation. Unlike complex systems like geothermal energy, this user-friendly solution adapts to any greenhouse size and can be maintained during standard crop rotations.
    1. 6. Sponsh - spearheads a mission to regreen the planet.

      • Origin - Leeuwarden, Friesland, The Netherlands
      • Founders - Catarina Esteves, Kurt Hamming, Lourens Boot
      • Establishment year - 2018
      • Total Funding(in USD) - $94.6K
      • Investor/s - StartLife
    2. Sponsh, a blossoming impact startup, missions to regreen the planet with water harvested from thin air. Their innovative material, meticulously researched for eight years at the prestigious Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), boasts a temperature-sensitive design. This allows it to capture water vapor at night and release it autonomously during the day, requiring no external energy source. Their initial product focuses on young trees, providing a water-producing guard that fosters their survival through harsh first summers. This paves the way for a greener future
    1. 7. Hexwise - Champions industrial energy efficiency.

      • Origin - Nijkerk, Gelderland, The Netherlands
      • Founders - Niels Bergsma, Pim van Ramshorst
      • Establishment year - 2023
      • Total Funding(in USD) - $ 82.4K
      • Investor/s - Rockstart, Graduate Entrepreneur Fund, OostNL
    2. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data, Cloud computing, and AI, Hexwise empower clients to make data-driven decisions regarding heat exchanger performance and maintenance. This translates to increased overall process energy efficiency and production, benefiting both businesses and the environment. This system provides complete remote equipment monitoring, informing users on when, how, and why to take action. The process begins with sensor installation and secure cloud connection for continuous data collection. This information is then stored, analyzed by powerful data models, and used to trigger automated alerts. Experts continuously monitor the equipment, proactively contacting users when action is necessary or beneficial.
    1. 8. Energy Floors - Revolutionizing Energy from Movement.

      • Origin - Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
      • Founders- Michel Smit
      • Establishment year - 2007
      • Total Funding(in USD) - $61.5K
      • Investor/s - EIT InnoEnergy
    2. Energy Floors engineers interactive and smart floors that generate clean energy. These innovative surfaces go beyond utility; they make sustainability tangible. Every step on an Energy Floor empowers users to feel the environmental impact they create. With the firm belief that readily available technology can pave the way for a greener world, Energy Floors champions the integration of sustainable solutions into everyday life. One such product is the Kinetic Dancefloor, a powerful tool for boosting brand's commitment to sustainability. This dancefloor captures the kinetic energy of partygoers, transforming it into usable electricity in real-time. This electricity can then be used to power the floor's dazzling LED lights or other exciting add-ons, creating a truly interactive and eco-friendly experience.
    1. 9. Desolenator - Leader in sustainable desalination.

      • Origin - Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands
      • Founders - Alexei Levene, William Janssen
      • Establishment year - 2014
      • Total Funding(in USD) - NA
      • Investor/s - Sustainable Ocean Alliance, AcceliCITY powered by Leading Cities, Pitch@Palace, Katapult Ocean, EASME - EU Executive Agency for SMEs
    2. Desolenator rewrites the desalination narrative with its pioneering solar thermal technology. This world-first solution harnesses the sun's power to transform seawater or brackish water into clean drinking water, prioritizing environmental sustainability. Unlike traditional methods, Desolenator tackles desalination at scale, relying solely on solar energy. Their innovative technology captures four times more solar energy than traditional methods, eliminating harmful chemicals, membranes, and inconsistent energy sources. Furthermore, integrated Zero Liquid Discharge creates a closed-loop system, producing high-quality water and salt without toxic brine.
    1. 10. Metalot - Accelerating the energy transition with Metal Power.

      • Origin - Budel, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands
      • Founders - Philip de Goey, Jan Vlassak
      • Establishment year - 2017
      • Total Funding(in USD) - NA
      • Investor/s - NA
    2. Metalot leads the charge toward sustainability, prioritizing raw material reuse and carbon neutrality in metals and energy production. Metalot's Future Energy Lab serves as a pivotal center for expediting the energy transition, refining promising technologies for market readiness. Among these innovations is Metal Power, a groundbreaking method utilizing metal powder as an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels.Their system goes beyond sustainability by employing green hydrogen to convert residual rust back to usable metal powder, creating a circular energy system with zero carbon emissions. Metalot, in collaboration with its partners, vigorously advances Metal Power technology for market deployment. The potential applications of Metal Power are extensive, including transforming coal-fired plants into sustainable facilities, powering heat-intensive industrial processes, and enabling high-temperature chemical reactions.
  • Insights into the Next Generation of Renewable Energy Companies in Holland

    Dutch renewable energy is getting a makeover! These new companies aren't just creating clean power, they're putting the power in your hands. Imagine slashing your energy bills and controlling your own usage – that's the future these startups are building. Forget giant power plants, these innovators are using tech to make clean energy local, efficient, and accessible. Thanks to a supportive Dutch government, these sustainable solutions are primed to take root and flourish.

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